Monday, January 18, 2016

Food for tought

Its a new year.

I am sorry i have been neglecting my blog, and i promise this will no longer happen.
My blog will get attention  I want to say thanks to AllTimeLowPhan from wettpadd for reading and engouring me to keep blogging :).  I am getting a routine now between my art work, writing and upcoming University studies.

So as its a new year I thought I might set myself some goals- and what better placethen a blog to do that ? well maybe there are bettter places like my living room wall.

DO you have goals for 2016 ? if so i would love to hear about them, Mine are quiet simple.

* I will finish at lest one publishable book this year.
* I will stop underestimating myself and allowing others to do the same.
* I will update more regulatory. ( both here and my writing)
* I need to stop procrastination so much.
* ( I'll leave this space open for more haha)

- UP coming blog post -
* Strangest book series  I started reading. ( I laughed and cringed )
* Feels posts
* Book reviews
* Eye Candy Day