Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Review : Master of Seduction (Sea Wolves #1)

The infamous pirate Black Jack Rhys never encountered a ship he could not board or a woman he could not bed. But the dashing brigand may have met his match in the fiery beauty who has vowed to bring him to justice . . .
A fearless, flame-haired enchantress, Lorelei Dupree believes she has a duty to her fiancé and to the city of Charleston to help end the reign of the notorious Black Jack. But when the bold pirate eludes her carefully set trap, she suddenly finds herself the prisoner of the irresistible criminal they call "Master of Seduction." Once trapped in Jack's intoxicating gaze, Lorelei feels herself falling under the handsome rogue's sensuous spell. And now the terror of the high seas faces the one peril he never anticipated—for though he has stolen so many hearts, he never dreamed he'd meet a woman who could so effortlessly conquer his own.

Well I don't  need to tell you that i LOVE! historical romances and this one is sure high up my list, i loved it !
yes its all about that rough pirate that makes your knees weak and your heart beat !

Jack is very exciting and witty. The heroine comes toe to toe with him.   Jack the very sexual and dangerous pirate but the suborn Lorelei takes him up on his own game and they start a game of cat and mouse with a dare to see who will win ? for love or lust !

I recomand this book ! 5 hearts !!

Anyone for some eye-candy ?

Coffee and what it does for you

something i found about  the great drink of  COFFEE!

For those of you that wake up to your favorite roasted bean every morning, the findings of a new large government study conducted on frequent coffee drinkers encourage your daily habit. The results revealed that frequent coffee drinkers are at a lower risk of dying from various diseases, compared to those that do not drink coffee, or do not drink coffee very frequently.

Surprisingly, they found the coffee drinkers were at a lower rise of heart disease. Cardiologists in Dearborn MI, a team of top physicians, who help their patients assess their risk for heart disease, may find this study of interest when working with patients to lower their risk of heart disease.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of coffee, as it is a world-wide beverage that many people cannot live without. Health experts, who advise their patients on what to eat and what not to eat, need to know if coffee is safe or detrimental to some health conditions. Coffee contains caffeine, which temporarily increases the heart rate, as well as hundreds of compounds and antioxidants. Given the well-known connection between coffee and smoking, this study controlled for smoking, as well as poor eating habits.

After controlling for other health conditions and poor health habits, the researchers found that over the course of 14 years the risk of dying was about 10 percent lower for men and about 15 percent lower for women who drank two to six cups of coffee a day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

beautiful land scape pictures

book review - The Colonel's Daughter

 I enjoyed the book,   with a suborn  lady and the  slightly bad boy hero, it is  quit fun to read their fights, how they fall in love and the soft sways of how to learn and grow... its a good western for a girl that loves those sexy gun slinger haha

Suzanne Bonneaux is taking the stage coach to Deadwood to meet with her childhood friend, a native Arapaho Indian. Time is of the essence because soon the tribe will move to another reservation. Suzanne’s journey, however, is interrupted when the stage is held up by George “Big Nose” Parrott and his gang. Suzanne and three other passengers find themselves stranded and forced to walk back to the previous way station.

One of the passengers is the notorious shootist Black Jack Sloan. Jack indicates that he wants nothing to do with his fellow passengers, but sparks fly when Suzanne refuses to be cast aside. Suzanne’s appearance as a genteel Eastern-educated lady is deceptive. Although she has recently returned from school in Philadelphia, in fact she’s been raised as an Army brat by her stepfather, Colonel Andrew Garrett

I give this a  3 / 5 hearts

a world away

reading is something that takes it all away, your mind drifts to another place where no worries  rejection or troubles can reach, true  the onces in your book might anger you but it always inspires you, my books will never hurt or leave they are an escape from some times annoying, stressful or disappointing reality- some of the reasons why i read, i feel free to all the possibilities, the romance and adventure at my finger tips there is no where i rather be - my review next up keep reading...

why do you love to read most ?

small world

a good quiet i have gotten today by  my doctor -  we all live i a small  village called the world,  i have tonsillitises again along with   knowing i had chicken pocks for the first time a few weeks ago .... chicken poks at 20 who knew...