Thursday, April 26, 2012

some of my art work

work in progress

Reading is a passion, i think  every one has a passion  whats yours?
for me its  reading, writing and  animals...

Well i am currently working on 3 books  i know i am taking one at a time, but 3 have been plotted out.

1. The bet (a Romantic Drama)
2. Saving your angel (Fantasy Romance)
3. Leader of the pack ( a thoughtful romance)

What i am currently  Vampire Dairies By L.J smith  and  a mills an boon book
 ( yes it is in deed my guilty pleasure) 

I feel at ease with the world when i create a story of my own,  the troubles of life disappear and a new world is created aorund my words and feelings, when  you create something yourself it is just that much more satisfying-
I tend to get lost  in the world of books ... some times I wounder will i ever be found?

LIfe and the inbetween bits

so a quick post !
I was quiet upset today about a few things and  can see myself thinking to much and as always planing  ahead of myself, but when you look to others - if you give some one advice time after time and they simply  do thier own thing in any case  is it fine to just give up on them?

its heard  to give up on a person but i think i reached a point wherewith certain people i have reached a limit of  caring, a limit of worrying hurting and protracting  there is only so much  you can give  and do, so much you can say till it is in that persons hands, if the person does not what you to help or care of even be there  no more can be done can it? .

YOU can bring a horse to water you cannot make it drink- its one of those type cases...
well thats all  renting for now on to lighter subjects in next post !

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review of Vampire Diaries : The Awakening and The struggle

Well where to start, i am a huge fan of the TV seiries, and  was exstactive when I got my hands on the books,   well it wasnt exactly what I expected but i do think that  it was a good read.

I did  however feel that L.J. Smith could have  gone more into detail on the characters, i feel that they are soem what under developped i would have loved to read more about stevan's personality  and  more depth as well ass the yummie Damon,   i feel like i been cheated by not  having enought of thier personalities.

Elena  starts off as a very spoiled selfish teenager, who is use to being center of attention,  i  wasn't to found of her  at the beginning, but as it goes start to see abit more of  how strong  she is as a person, picking love above  other petty things such as pupulitity and so on.

i have to say i couldn't put the book down, and i am very pleased i did start to read the books, because it hooked me i hope to see more of the characters depth and emotion.

I found setfan to be the  tourmented soul, yet a senstive soul who wnats conacetion and a place to belong, he does not like what he is and trys to fight is nature.

Damon the dangoures bad boy, that has a good girls toes curling in excetment ! i just coulnt wiat to see what the handsome devil would atmet to do next !

Elena, despite her  perosnlity defects at teh start of the first book, she show sherself to be strong which i do think is important in leaning female characters, she aslo goes after what she wnats with everything she got.

Matt- i found to be sweet boy next door, Caroline the topical high-school .... you knwo it ryms with wich.
Bonnie seems sweet and innocent.

Out of 5 i give The Awakening and The struggle 4 stares.

Monday, April 23, 2012

TOday pictuers !

Good morning every one!
i though i would start the day with a  lighting thought and some adorable pictures

 Life every day like its your last, see the beauty in every corner stop and  and say to those you care about what they mean to you, because to quickly things can change,.

back home again

HAllo to all

Well sorry i have been off a while i have visited my sister, for her birthday !
it has been a busy  few days i can tell you,  she has adorable yet busy 3  babies  twins   of 2 years and  a little girl of 1 year,  had a lot of fun playing with the busy bodies  and i  do love them so much even if they make me want to pull my hair out at naughty moments !
 to cute!

I'll be catching up on everything i wanted to blog about in the next view posts as well as 2 book reviews of my resent reads !

last night thought i wasn't completely my self i had gone to bed early thinking  about  how much simple words can hurt so much, how  words spoken can stay with you throw time, simple things said some in time of anger others  just said with out thinking throw can be carried with  you for a long time in a box of memories, and when you dwell in those you can recall every one of them, its not a good place to dwell  for any one,  maybe you need to face those words in order to get  them out of that box....

any one have a opinion on it ?

Pic for the day : 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When it comes down to it

Well  i have a kitten, i am 4 pages into my book called - The bet -
hopping it turns out good !  its one of those spur of the moment ideas that i am just gonna run with, if any one  wants to talk about it let me know.

So i named my kitten - mellow as in marshmallow because  he really does look like a marshmallow !

in other news i thought i would get off my chest a lil something about expectations and disappointments,
some times you think every thing is a cute thing,  that  you know what will happen weather its  a  friendship, career, relationship or  your future, but it changes  your life constantly changes by small choices some times leading to bigger onces, but  weather its you who makes them or some one close to you who makes them they change  your life.

But some times even when it feels like everything is topside there is some kind of upside to it, it takes some longer then other to realize it but where a door shut look for the open window!  don't stare at the disappointment of your expectation but rather look for the adventure and new  opportunities ...

now that i got that off my chest  i will review a book in my next post !
so many books so little time haha

Monday, April 16, 2012

some cute pics and a thought on pets.

They will not leave you,
their eyes look to you for safety.
Innocent love, a  love that will  stay loyal,
guard you and  love you, care for you when  no other will.
When you look at your pet  big or small they think your their hero
bigger then all. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

its Monday

Well its Monday and its  quiet nice weather, i have to get to work but before i go anywhere  i think its time for  something that i know one of my blogger friends like :)  some Monday eye candy !!!
I started another book in reading as well and will write another chapter of my own book after work xxx

                                                                  Now thats a six pack !

Have a fun and sexy  Monday ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

its sunday !

Well every one another week has come to an end, last night i have finished reading a wonderful book called Catching Jordan ! thanks to one of the other bloggers i am following and her review of this fun book !!

well i will be off to church in a few, but would like to say that  some times moving on is moving forward.
Loving  is never really leaving and  sometimes you have to be your own hero !

when the road seems long and hard, when every one seems cold and gone, know that some  one  still thinks about you, know that you can  change the way you see the cold world - and make it fun for yourself !

Speak to you tonight ! lots of love  to any one who reads this

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book review: when Sophie met Darcy day.

Where do i begin, receiving the book was a gift from my mother who know how much i adore reading,  at let me start by saying it was not what i expected but it went far deeper then i could have imagined.

This book is truly touching  and will bring a tear to your eye! a touching story about animal and child,
It is a collation of true story's by Helen a woman   that owns a retied horse race charity, and works with disabled and troubled children, each with their own  tale to tell, along with a  spited kindred heart of a horse or a phony.

The stories are captivating and touched my heart not only  does it able to animal lovers but  to every one, its a uplifting hart warming story with  some funny bits in as well like the hen "flirty gurty" who has a  hole own personality !

I recommend it to anyone to read and enjoy this story, even support the charity!
5/5 stares to  beautiful story of  horses and children being rescued  when they thought no one cared.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

who are you ?

Well heres another deep tough question !

Who are you ? but thats not the  biggest question  what you should ask yourself is - who do you want to be,
isn't that more important ? who do you want  to see yourself  ass.

throw out life every person  gets chips,  bruises and makes mistakes - but to fallow in the sorrow will not bright out out of the hole that you have fallen into, so what  is it you should really  do ?

Look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself as other people do -   do you like the images? if you don't then change it be better! be some one others will look up to and love , respect yourself  and love yourself before you can love any one else.

If you want other to love you isn't it important you are some one that can be loved ? by yourself ;)

Something to think about something i have been thinking about
Thanks for your time to any one who reads this xx
Remember - You may not always be perfect but your dam spacial anyways.

Book for the day:  

I will review When Sophie met Darcy Day  next !!!

Have a great day

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

dont judge a book by its cover !

A common mistake that every one makes at lest once - and if your me - more then once.

this can both work  with actual books and a person become things are never quiet what they appear to be here is what happened to me today !

I when to the store along with my mother and there was a man selling second hand books well of cores i was right there ready to see what he had! especially when i saw all the romance novel one of which was by Amanda Quick- a writer  who i have read before the cover looked to die for old yet  romantic !!
with out thinking twice i  bought it ! what to know what happened when i was on way home ?

I happened to find out the book is in Portuguese..... i don't know a word of it !

This can happen with people as well,  you think that the cover  looks amazing but when you turn the page its not what you expected at all, but then if you turn it around a cover that  looks  worn down might just be the best story of all....

Well thats my thought for the day ! thank you for reading xxx

Monday, April 9, 2012


Its eye candy Monday !
SO  like i promised  down below is the  eye-candy for Monday :)
All I have to say about today is sometimes things happen that are unexpected,
you think somethings  going on way then something pops up to chance direction or  maybe  unexpected visit,  or ever a journey but what ever it is remember its what makes life exciting !

Here you are :

                                              Have to have some cowboy to  help you throw the week
Any one remember this hottie  form years back ?