Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review : Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

Well where do I start with this fun book, a modern spin on Pride and Prejudice that is both  entraining and  romantic, I you enjoy the youth fun books then I suggest you read it,Ii find a lot of fun in graping this type books and reading them , this one surprised me !

I was very glad when I found it and started reading it instantly finishing it the same day...

right lets jump in !

Elise Benton moves to La with her family, her parents having gotten  positions at a very high society  school, where all the stars children happen to go, with her mother as the principal and father as the mathematic teacher - this could only mean a disaster.  

Elise is having a bad first day  having had a run in with one of the popular girls thats until she meets Derek Edwards, the  moody hunk with  movie star parents, he seems aloof and grumpy, but her sister Jean is having  the best of days having fallen for Derek's bets friend chase, oh did i mention chases sister hates Elise's guts ?  

What I thought  ? 
I loved it, it was a fresh take on a classic  story, the characters as well developed and the story runs smoothly making it a real page turner, there was some confusing parts but all in all i would read it again ! 
4/5 hearts


Sunday, May 20, 2012

ready for next year !

I am ready to live abit of what i read in my beloved books !
please pray that I success in my goal for next year i have a big day in November coming up !!!
i am so exited i am out of my skin ! 
i shall be bloging this because i want to shout it !
adventure of life awaits !!!


worse once said can never be taken back , words can hurt more then a sword when it hits the heart  the pain  wont stop, what what you say it can   break  some one, cute some one and  shatter a soul.
Words have the ability to take a life, once said it  it can get out of control . 

A fragile heart  easily broken by words left said and even those unsaid, when it hurts so much some times it looks like there no other way out ..

Hurt and pain,  not on the outside you can seem calm and steady inside the pain is  cutting and creaking into your very being, why are this words said ?  so careless not knowing that they can  leave insufferable damage ?

Heat of the moment can cost  some ones life, or their soul, leave them broken and  unwilling.  built up anger and frustration  the words of boiling up can be  the cause of tears  in the dark..

Think before you let words slip.

3 things you can never take back :


3 thinks that you should never break :

A promise
A heart

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book review : Sophie & Carter by Stephanie Perkins

I was so moved by this short and sweet story, it inspired me driven me  to want to write more,I cant being to give this book  a great review.

A sweet  story about  two teenagers, but unlike the normal high school stories this is spacial about true love, about  lose, pain, hurt and love between two destine. boy and girl next door that knows each others secrets and  loves each other despite their  darkness and hurt.

I wished it was longer, I loved it so much !
100- 100 stars to this  charming story !

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A little eye candy !

one no one will forget !


                                                        Hope you enjoyed it, i did !

for a moment in time

For an instant it is amazing how you can think, when you plan ahead  your imagination  takes the rains,
For a minute I could see how my life could change to something else completely, how different it could all become only to have that fantasy  dissolve in the harsh light of reality and shown for the nativity.

Yes I can be a fool some times and it happens to often in life, when  something happens and you can plan a life aorund it only to realize for silly you have been, but for that I am taking a chance and making the change myself, have you ever lost something  that you thought your world would come to and end, but  your world hasn't, it keeps going and  you  can set your sights on a  bigger horizon even when that you have lost was  close to the center of your being ....

Well just something to think about  for the evening thank you for reading who ever is out there !
and a  saying for the day ..

No one can make you feel inferior with out your permission.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book Review : Desperado's Gold

Let met start by saying this is truly a story to sink your teeth into,
If you like  The wild west, sexy outlaws passion, plots  gold and  abit of time travel then you mast read this book. 

A heartbroken Catalina, Jumps into her beloved mustang  and divers off into  the desert to escape the same and heartache of being left at the altar, after an encounter with an Native  medicine man who gives her his talisman to change her luck.man  Catalina ends up in a twist in time standing in the desert with a  horse riding.

The Talisman had taken her back to the wild west where  the biggest adventure and loved awaited her.

A cowboy named Jackson Cady (AKA Kid Creede)find her,  But Catalina doesn't  yet believe her situation and  thinks that it is all  a movie filming and that the handsome cowboy is simply an actor, thats until they reach town and  she is actioned off  for her virtue  to the highest bidder  who just happens to be  her Cowboy  Kid Creed .

Will he  take  her back to her place in time ? or is she lost to  the wild life.

I was glued to this book, and truly  full off passion laughs and love if you can do read it !!
my  thoughts of the book!

Catalina is strong willed, intelligent but slightly naive 
Jackson is the sexy outlaw  with a gruesome past, he  has a soft  spot in his heart  and dignity.

Thanks for reading !

missing you

Missing some one is hard,
Knowing they will not come back is harder some times you try to forget but that is imposable, you try to keep busy  not to think of what is lost ... but that proves difficult as well.

It is easy to say  you mast move on, but that words imply something that i snot so simple indeed.
Accepting  and moving foreword taking the best memories with you- it takes training, it takes  will and it takes love.

Past, present and future

Books, books and more books, yes yet again i find myself thinking about how it differs over the years form  the styles of writing form classic novels such as Jane Astun  to more modern works like Karen Hawins.

 how story telling throw the ages might  change in manor of writing and the words used, but  it does not change how still imagination hearts are taken by a book and some one else's imagination.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

dont stop being you

I posted about how some unexciting things might come your day , and in many shapes sizes and forms, you  just need to stop looking so hard and relax, you cant push things to happen.

I also think about every one who pretend to be some thin their not, that also can come in many different  sizes, and masks that can be worn,  watch out who you trust and who you  let to close they change,  or they are something different completely.

But never regret your past because it formed who you are today, be some one you want to look up to not look down on.

as for my reading i am on the highlander train ! in the mood for some hood Highlander romances, what can I say  men in kilts ha-ha.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Everything happens fro a reason

Sometimes when you lest expect it you breath gets taken away, and  you world gets a little shake form the side.And it happens  just by luck or by a greater power but i  feel that why latly something did happen but i shall not say to much about it till a latter time..

I have pause don my book,  i mast write, i mast read!

Have a great day every one remember keep your eyes open you never know what might  be waiting.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

book Review: Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

Wel where shall I start ?

Jodi Picoult is a amazing writer and I  know she has  bucket loads off fans,  I mast say her  book My sisters keeper - was one of my favorite  books, but Vanishing acts left me wanting.. 

The book starts with Delia, the protagonist, finding a small child as part of her job, only to find out her father is in more trouble. Delia a mother and wife with a 4 year old and a lawyer husband, a best friend  she is close to but turns out he feels more for her then just the friend.   try's to go throw life with normality till her father is accused for kidnapping- for kidnapping Dalia.

The book was very captivating, I did finish it  in one days time  and  some bits did lose me here and there but i enjoyed drama and story telling over all  yet when the story neared the end  i felt like it was left incomplete.

The story Delia  goes with her husband to save her father form life impression  and along with it her  best friend yet  story's form their past reviled like her husbands  alcoholism, i felt the end off the book lacking yes  thy did get her father at the end but i  feel its more personally my own problem with open book endings.
after the overall story i did feel slightly moved  yet more disappointed, thank you  for reading this is my personal review on  Vanishing Acts.

Eye candy time

In my next post i will review  a book by Jodi Picoult
but for now since i have not  looked at some hunks in a while here are the hotties for the week !

I am back online.

HEY to all, sorry for my few days of abstinence i have been at my fathers, a new  yet emotional experience,
it was my first time staying over at his our relationship has been strain  but it was fun but as always i missed my own bed, my coffee and off cores my Internet haha.

So i will be doubling up my posts to make up for some lost time i had loads to think about  i will post,
Mostly its how you look  at the word throw some one else's eyes,
some times you can get so caught up in whats happening in your life and your problems you forget to see what the other person might be  seeing, if the world was a mirror would you be satisfied with your own reflection ?

so with that thought here is some  adorable animal pictures. 

And a eye candy pic ;)