Sunday, June 17, 2012

book review : Emma by Jane Austen

Emma !
the book is very out of the ordeneray but a  good read,  showing that the great writer Jane   can crearte a personality  and make her a lead role even when she is not beloved  by all, Emma is a creation and a leading lady with  not the abmerial quilities youw oudl except.

Emma  is witty, selfish, smart and scathing, and, in the context of the author's oeuvre, atypically un-self-aware.  She  thinks herself as the perfect match maker and wants to see that her plans goes as she wants, a spoiled girl but  I loved  reading her grow learn and even change into a woman  that sees beyond herself. 

Each character has its place and purpose, and  well developed,  so you cannot wait to see what they will do next what discussions  they might make and hearts will be broken. 

I recommend this book to every one that enjoys  a  witty plot, a complex character and romance ! thank you for reading

Friday, June 8, 2012

do you believe in love at first site ?
Destiny and all that jazz?
I think I just might !  now new found inspration i move on with writing my noval !!
and hope to see  him again ....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

WHo are you !

 ( a simple little poem I thought up)

Who are you ,
I don't know your name, but my heart reacts to you all the same.
i seen your face before, a dream that  i wanted to explore,
Your a mystery to me,  When you smile at me i feel like i am who i want to be.
When you look towards me its seems your not just looking throw me but you see me,

Who are you ?
we smile  at each other when we pass by, my heart skips a beat 
i wonder and wait for you to ask my name, shall I asked yours ?

you said hi ?
I replayed why didn't i say more, how could i when my confidence is out the door.
Will i see you again i am not sure,  but i do know your smile is something i will never ignore. 

Never the same

Surprises are always every where you look, theres something new to jump at you from behind a bush.
do you know where things will take you, or which way a road my go ? no you never do but  thats what makes like all that much more interesting i suppose, there isn't always a right answer or  the right move, you   make the bed you lie in..

But laying down is not always an option  standing back up and facing the world is,  even when your not sure where your going make sure you have fun getting there ,  we only have one life on earth but when you do it right one is enough.

Every one makes mistakes but its the part where you  move forward that shows who you are, rising up out of faults and the worries of the world,  does this  makes any-sense to you ?
comment and let me know what you think about   todays thought...
next will be a book reviews
thanks for reading . 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

winter eyecandy !

its  winter here in Nambia so heres some eye candy to warm you up

good day !

its a good day, its every persons own day .
the day is what you make it and do not allow some one else to spoil your day !
Some times its  so easy for another person to spoil you good mood, has that happened to you ?
well it does to me and i have made a point not to allow such people  in my life harsh ?
not so much if you think about it, don't allow the world to steal your smile.

A tough for today !
Its your day not theirs make it beautiful !