Wednesday, July 18, 2012

book review - The Colonel's Daughter

 I enjoyed the book,   with a suborn  lady and the  slightly bad boy hero, it is  quit fun to read their fights, how they fall in love and the soft sways of how to learn and grow... its a good western for a girl that loves those sexy gun slinger haha

Suzanne Bonneaux is taking the stage coach to Deadwood to meet with her childhood friend, a native Arapaho Indian. Time is of the essence because soon the tribe will move to another reservation. Suzanne’s journey, however, is interrupted when the stage is held up by George “Big Nose” Parrott and his gang. Suzanne and three other passengers find themselves stranded and forced to walk back to the previous way station.

One of the passengers is the notorious shootist Black Jack Sloan. Jack indicates that he wants nothing to do with his fellow passengers, but sparks fly when Suzanne refuses to be cast aside. Suzanne’s appearance as a genteel Eastern-educated lady is deceptive. Although she has recently returned from school in Philadelphia, in fact she’s been raised as an Army brat by her stepfather, Colonel Andrew Garrett

I give this a  3 / 5 hearts

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