Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book review : Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury

"love doesn't begin until you forgive." 

I loved this book, yes it brings tears to my eyes from the first  pages up to the last, a true  story about  love, pain and finding  peace and forgiveness not just  to someone else but to yourself. 

I am looking forward to more books about Max and his new family. This book talks about real life stores in families, and how there is hope through our trials.
I like the way Karen Kingsbury brings God, faith, family, and love together in her books. I am looking forward to reading many more books by Karen Kingsbury in the future.

The husband mast face his faults, his mistakes and forgive himself for  what he had done.  i did think  he should have shown  more compassion for what he did and  the guilt of  having  cheated.
his wife mast see the mistakes she made as well and also love and forgive her husband. 
His wife did show  how hurt and anger even hate she felt to  her husband, max and  his mother, but watching as she learns from it was  very thought provoking. 
Max learns   to make peace with the death of his    mother, accepting his father and loving  every one he meets. 

Yes this is a Christan book, and I loved it  i am a Christan and   the story in this is remarkable,

recommend his to   Christians and  even those who are not,  cant wait to read more  from Karen, this book is great for  learning about forgiveness.

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