Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fifty Shade part 2.

With a Glass of win   beside me I will now share what I think of the second  book in the erotic  trilogy.
Have you not yet heard of this book - slightly unlikely but heres the scoop.
Christian gray - billionaire , playboy, sexy and mysterious has a dark secret that the innocent and  feisty brunette Anna has found out to be a passion for  bondage and toys, being the master in his own world that she mast  comply and submit to his every  demand when they enter "the play room"

So this is what i think- I love this book much more then the first, the personalities growing and Anna feeling stronger  and more  confident to challenge Christians  dominance and  as well as discovering he  own needs at the same time,the way Christian starts to convert his own demons kept me fascinated.

yes the  heated moments where  something to read but I feel the story line is much stronger now and the  way of loving does show,  I especially loved their email notes to each other.

Anna is afraid of being hurt, and of losing Christian  or worse losing herself
Christian is  afraid of himself, of  being loved and mostly losing control.
I love the way  it was written to keep me  turning the page ready for more !
and hooked  on the words coming form  the Arthur lips

Well this is my tough son the second book !
I will review the last book as well
Thank you for reading

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