Wednesday, January 23, 2013

to new days and bright ideas and wild africa.

First i wish to say sorry for my absences for a few days i haven't been home, i have been visiting my sister, had her family, she had suggested an idea to me and  i am asking my readers help. I am thinking of starting another blog along with this one a travel blog, so asking  every one for comment on  this and suggestions, here is a shot pieces i wrote from a trip  to  the wild live reserve here in Namibia.  thank you again.

IT was just as someone once told me, the best trips are always the unplanned ones, and with that I wish to share with all willing to read it how a unplanned last minute trip turned out to be, one that toke me once again into the wild earth of  Africa reminding me how blessed I am to life in a world  that has  raw power in its soil, and a thousand songs in the wind. My visit toke me to a wild life reserve Etosha  some say that the heart of Namibia is Windhoek, but they might be mistaken for I believe it to be there, among the elephants and lions  that’s where  true life In Namibia lies.
Traveling over the dirt road with still the scent of  fresh rain hanging in the air, the world was green and alive  next to the  path, upon arrival at the wild live gats it didn’t take long for the African bush to enchant  you, and  even sooner than that we saw them, the gentle giants, one after another young male elephant’s grazed one the  fresh green graze, the sure size of them demanded respect for the mammal as he walked  throw the trees picking up his meals, the wrinkled trunk tugging at small bushes and his front foot scuffling to  free the roots of his  snack.  Kept doing into the part we saw two more young males grazing and wondering around before reaching a waterhole, the sight was astonishing to say the least. A large heard was enjoying the water hole with youngsters, the mothers very protective looked straight at the car daring against her small offspring watching with a protective eye, other members of the heard found the water to be the best place to cool down, one of the younger members of the heard decided to lay down  in the water and play it was a sight to remember.
The white fort came into few showing the historical forefront of the wild park, one can’t help but remember how many years have passed throw the walls of the fort, and what stories the walls could tell. Moving into the rooms it was luxury making you feel  like you can climb in bed and never get out, elegantly done in with white several urban African pictures on the wall, with a perfect  privet outdoor shower if that is what you would like to  use to experience Africa’s night life under  cool water.
The night life never disappoints, as a family of ferrets where the first to  run  around the grass and greet you, asking for a treat, after spending the day buy a pool under the heat of  African sun, enjoying the songs of  different birds in the wind it was time for dinner inside the historical fort, among all the small shops filled with gifts for every person, dinner went smoothly   with that the night ended with  a jackal calling in the distance  a good remainder of just how wild beauty can be...

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