Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SHow on the raod.

theres 3 weeks left till my big adventure where  i am going aboard to work for several months ! being independent working hard and experiencing whats out there in the world - endless possibilities await, and i cant wait to see  what will happen,

I am scared of the unknown and so much is changing around me and i have never been a big fav of change, Some things i wish wouldn't change and some that is just surprising or new- i  am already missing my family and friends ad i haven't left yet !!

I cant wait to make some memories in the world, Good the Bad and all the bits in between.
I'll try and keep in touch with every one that wants to and  will be bringing a lot of pictures.

so with that i will be posting some eye candy again - and currently reading an amazing book I WILL review :) Thank you for your time

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