Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some books i have been working on

I am the girl in Christians Secret   life.

Christian lives next door, he’s the boy every one stays away form at school, the boy that most are a afraid to talk to because of his exterior, he seems rebellious and very cold built like a Greek god Christian was on every sports team our school had to offer, He was also a boy most of the high school girls secretly talked about, Christen Is many things but what many don’t know is that Christen is my next door neighbor, I know him, the side that no one else does he might be the jock that appears to have nothing more on his mind then boxing practice but I know the boy that climbs throw my window since 5 grade to sleep somewhere safe. I keep his secrets I know his life – I am the girl in Christens secret life.  

It is going under editing at the moment, link to read it

next book I am working on is something different 
thank you for reading !


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