Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Obesidian Lux

First thoughts!
Hi everyone, i don't know if i am writing this review for someone or just for myself  but here it goes !
When I first saw this cover it had me wondering -
Was this some Thriller ? Mystery ?  The dark clouds I  almost thought Vampire

Soo I started reading it  and Wowha holly alien babies !

I love Katie - shes  is a book worm with romantic idealize  and book boyfriends- that is until she moves in next to Daemon Black

Hes the over proactive duchy brother of her new best friend (Dee) and and the Irresistible jerk that always with out a shirt.

Prepare to laugh  out loud  at this hate-love relationship between Katie and Daemon, 

Katie finds out just what secret the twins ( sorry did I mention Daemon and Dee are twins?)  are hiding and her world changes in a blink of a eye.

After reading this book :

O_O I had to have more !!!

I loved this book and got totally into all the characters inside it !
Differently worth the read!

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