Saturday, March 31, 2012

HEy to all who ar eintrasted in reading this

I suppose i do not expect anyone to actually read this
so this is mostly for myself
i need to write i need to express what i feel inside to not only better understand myself but others, i also have came to the conclusion i have many issues fualts and mistakes with ,myself, with other...

If you want to see whats wrong with yourself take a good hard look throw some one else's eyes - how do other see you , how do you see yourself and most importantly how do you want to be seen ?

I don't know about other but i want to be seen as a person with Morals, Dignity, love and respect.

I had a lot to think of lately not only what i might feel inside, but teh world in general and what i want from it... one of those BIG thinks..

Well i decided to blog more now, as a way of getting it off my chest with out speaking to myself which cannot be a very healthy habit , can it ?

If there is any one reading this don't be shy to give your thought on this topic, like i said this is more of myself then anything else- keep your heads up ass down and smile glowing i know its harder then it seems to keep smiling but some times its all you can do !

Thinks to remember :

Don't forget where you come from, don't forgot who came with you,
DOn't forget who carried you throw and don't give up on who you want to become.

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