Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book Review: Karen Kingsbury - Even Now

Shane Galanter is getting married---to the wrong woman. Can he forget the girl he loved years ago? Lauren Gibbs's dreams of happiness walked out the door with Shane and the daughter she gave up. Emily Baker searches for the mother she never met. Will three hurting people find hope in the ashes of yesterday?

A very touching book about lost love and forgiveness, finding out who you are and being able to move past  mistakes made by yourself and others.
The book brings you to tears and makes you  reflect on your own life. 

Lauren is strong willed and  independent, she is willing to do anything to prove  her love with Shane is the real thing, but when  lies  separates them and misunderstandings sticks it would seem that love is lost, only to meet again years latter when their daughter  beings them back tougher,  but can they see past the diffidences. 

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