Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wagging tails

So I have been working  with a task team to prevent dogs being smuggled form South Africa to Angola, for many reason but the most hair raising of all is  DOG FIGHTS, yes some people  have scum and  they use some one els pets steal them traffic them and  force them to fight for their own profit and entrainment.

I was in Angola to get out 15 dogs and did  my heart well to see them all saved.
now working from affrication  the challenge is that much bigger and the problem is larger then any one thought it  would be.

So we are all working to stop dog trafficking, and will need sponsors for the dogs we help.
Yes its a dangerous Job but its making a diffidence in both the dog and the owners life and thats
good enough for me.  I'll write a more detailed story of everything thats happen soon but  thats a  quick rundown of whats happening here in Cape Town.
To all my readers thanks for your support !
and keep your tails wagging !

My next post about teh dogs i\ll write to every one the complete story of what happened form day 1.

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