Thursday, June 7, 2012

WHo are you !

 ( a simple little poem I thought up)

Who are you ,
I don't know your name, but my heart reacts to you all the same.
i seen your face before, a dream that  i wanted to explore,
Your a mystery to me,  When you smile at me i feel like i am who i want to be.
When you look towards me its seems your not just looking throw me but you see me,

Who are you ?
we smile  at each other when we pass by, my heart skips a beat 
i wonder and wait for you to ask my name, shall I asked yours ?

you said hi ?
I replayed why didn't i say more, how could i when my confidence is out the door.
Will i see you again i am not sure,  but i do know your smile is something i will never ignore. 

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