Thursday, June 7, 2012

Never the same

Surprises are always every where you look, theres something new to jump at you from behind a bush.
do you know where things will take you, or which way a road my go ? no you never do but  thats what makes like all that much more interesting i suppose, there isn't always a right answer or  the right move, you   make the bed you lie in..

But laying down is not always an option  standing back up and facing the world is,  even when your not sure where your going make sure you have fun getting there ,  we only have one life on earth but when you do it right one is enough.

Every one makes mistakes but its the part where you  move forward that shows who you are, rising up out of faults and the worries of the world,  does this  makes any-sense to you ?
comment and let me know what you think about   todays thought...
next will be a book reviews
thanks for reading . 

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