Sunday, June 17, 2012

book review : Emma by Jane Austen

Emma !
the book is very out of the ordeneray but a  good read,  showing that the great writer Jane   can crearte a personality  and make her a lead role even when she is not beloved  by all, Emma is a creation and a leading lady with  not the abmerial quilities youw oudl except.

Emma  is witty, selfish, smart and scathing, and, in the context of the author's oeuvre, atypically un-self-aware.  She  thinks herself as the perfect match maker and wants to see that her plans goes as she wants, a spoiled girl but  I loved  reading her grow learn and even change into a woman  that sees beyond herself. 

Each character has its place and purpose, and  well developed,  so you cannot wait to see what they will do next what discussions  they might make and hearts will be broken. 

I recommend this book to every one that enjoys  a  witty plot, a complex character and romance ! thank you for reading

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  1. Hello! I followed you from Goodreads [The Young Adult Book Club] ^_^

    I haven't read this book but it's one of the classics that I want to appreciate. Thank you for the lovely review. :)