Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book Review : Desperado's Gold

Let met start by saying this is truly a story to sink your teeth into,
If you like  The wild west, sexy outlaws passion, plots  gold and  abit of time travel then you mast read this book. 

A heartbroken Catalina, Jumps into her beloved mustang  and divers off into  the desert to escape the same and heartache of being left at the altar, after an encounter with an Native  medicine man who gives her his talisman to change her  Catalina ends up in a twist in time standing in the desert with a  horse riding.

The Talisman had taken her back to the wild west where  the biggest adventure and loved awaited her.

A cowboy named Jackson Cady (AKA Kid Creede)find her,  But Catalina doesn't  yet believe her situation and  thinks that it is all  a movie filming and that the handsome cowboy is simply an actor, thats until they reach town and  she is actioned off  for her virtue  to the highest bidder  who just happens to be  her Cowboy  Kid Creed .

Will he  take  her back to her place in time ? or is she lost to  the wild life.

I was glued to this book, and truly  full off passion laughs and love if you can do read it !!
my  thoughts of the book!

Catalina is strong willed, intelligent but slightly naive 
Jackson is the sexy outlaw  with a gruesome past, he  has a soft  spot in his heart  and dignity.

Thanks for reading !

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