Sunday, May 20, 2012


worse once said can never be taken back , words can hurt more then a sword when it hits the heart  the pain  wont stop, what what you say it can   break  some one, cute some one and  shatter a soul.
Words have the ability to take a life, once said it  it can get out of control . 

A fragile heart  easily broken by words left said and even those unsaid, when it hurts so much some times it looks like there no other way out ..

Hurt and pain,  not on the outside you can seem calm and steady inside the pain is  cutting and creaking into your very being, why are this words said ?  so careless not knowing that they can  leave insufferable damage ?

Heat of the moment can cost  some ones life, or their soul, leave them broken and  unwilling.  built up anger and frustration  the words of boiling up can be  the cause of tears  in the dark..

Think before you let words slip.

3 things you can never take back :


3 thinks that you should never break :

A promise
A heart

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