Thursday, May 17, 2012

for a moment in time

For an instant it is amazing how you can think, when you plan ahead  your imagination  takes the rains,
For a minute I could see how my life could change to something else completely, how different it could all become only to have that fantasy  dissolve in the harsh light of reality and shown for the nativity.

Yes I can be a fool some times and it happens to often in life, when  something happens and you can plan a life aorund it only to realize for silly you have been, but for that I am taking a chance and making the change myself, have you ever lost something  that you thought your world would come to and end, but  your world hasn't, it keeps going and  you  can set your sights on a  bigger horizon even when that you have lost was  close to the center of your being ....

Well just something to think about  for the evening thank you for reading who ever is out there !
and a  saying for the day ..

No one can make you feel inferior with out your permission.

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