Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review : Epic Fail by Claire LaZebnik

Well where do I start with this fun book, a modern spin on Pride and Prejudice that is both  entraining and  romantic, I you enjoy the youth fun books then I suggest you read it,Ii find a lot of fun in graping this type books and reading them , this one surprised me !

I was very glad when I found it and started reading it instantly finishing it the same day...

right lets jump in !

Elise Benton moves to La with her family, her parents having gotten  positions at a very high society  school, where all the stars children happen to go, with her mother as the principal and father as the mathematic teacher - this could only mean a disaster.  

Elise is having a bad first day  having had a run in with one of the popular girls thats until she meets Derek Edwards, the  moody hunk with  movie star parents, he seems aloof and grumpy, but her sister Jean is having  the best of days having fallen for Derek's bets friend chase, oh did i mention chases sister hates Elise's guts ?  

What I thought  ? 
I loved it, it was a fresh take on a classic  story, the characters as well developed and the story runs smoothly making it a real page turner, there was some confusing parts but all in all i would read it again ! 
4/5 hearts

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