Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am back online.

HEY to all, sorry for my few days of abstinence i have been at my fathers, a new  yet emotional experience,
it was my first time staying over at his our relationship has been strain  but it was fun but as always i missed my own bed, my coffee and off cores my Internet haha.

So i will be doubling up my posts to make up for some lost time i had loads to think about  i will post,
Mostly its how you look  at the word throw some one else's eyes,
some times you can get so caught up in whats happening in your life and your problems you forget to see what the other person might be  seeing, if the world was a mirror would you be satisfied with your own reflection ?

so with that thought here is some  adorable animal pictures. 

And a eye candy pic ;) 

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