Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review of Vampire Diaries : The Awakening and The struggle

Well where to start, i am a huge fan of the TV seiries, and  was exstactive when I got my hands on the books,   well it wasnt exactly what I expected but i do think that  it was a good read.

I did  however feel that L.J. Smith could have  gone more into detail on the characters, i feel that they are soem what under developped i would have loved to read more about stevan's personality  and  more depth as well ass the yummie Damon,   i feel like i been cheated by not  having enought of thier personalities.

Elena  starts off as a very spoiled selfish teenager, who is use to being center of attention,  i  wasn't to found of her  at the beginning, but as it goes start to see abit more of  how strong  she is as a person, picking love above  other petty things such as pupulitity and so on.

i have to say i couldn't put the book down, and i am very pleased i did start to read the books, because it hooked me i hope to see more of the characters depth and emotion.

I found setfan to be the  tourmented soul, yet a senstive soul who wnats conacetion and a place to belong, he does not like what he is and trys to fight is nature.

Damon the dangoures bad boy, that has a good girls toes curling in excetment ! i just coulnt wiat to see what the handsome devil would atmet to do next !

Elena, despite her  perosnlity defects at teh start of the first book, she show sherself to be strong which i do think is important in leaning female characters, she aslo goes after what she wnats with everything she got.

Matt- i found to be sweet boy next door, Caroline the topical high-school .... you knwo it ryms with wich.
Bonnie seems sweet and innocent.

Out of 5 i give The Awakening and The struggle 4 stares.


  1. Great review and sounds like An interesting book :)

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    1. Thank you, i am following you now great blog you have! :) nice to meet you

  2. L.J Smith was the very first paranormal author I read MANY years ago but it was her night world series. I have always wanted to read vampire diaries (or watch the show!) but never got around to it!

    New follower, lovely blog!

    Jamie @ A Book Club of One

    1. Thank you so much, the show is awesome and i have started reading the next book as well! its worth the read ! :)