Tuesday, April 10, 2012

dont judge a book by its cover !

A common mistake that every one makes at lest once - and if your me - more then once.

this can both work  with actual books and a person become things are never quiet what they appear to be here is what happened to me today !

I when to the store along with my mother and there was a man selling second hand books well of cores i was right there ready to see what he had! especially when i saw all the romance novel one of which was by Amanda Quick- a writer  who i have read before the cover looked to die for old yet  romantic !!
with out thinking twice i  bought it ! what to know what happened when i was on way home ?

I happened to find out the book is in Portuguese..... i don't know a word of it !

This can happen with people as well,  you think that the cover  looks amazing but when you turn the page its not what you expected at all, but then if you turn it around a cover that  looks  worn down might just be the best story of all....

Well thats my thought for the day ! thank you for reading xxx

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