Monday, April 23, 2012

back home again

HAllo to all

Well sorry i have been off a while i have visited my sister, for her birthday !
it has been a busy  few days i can tell you,  she has adorable yet busy 3  babies  twins   of 2 years and  a little girl of 1 year,  had a lot of fun playing with the busy bodies  and i  do love them so much even if they make me want to pull my hair out at naughty moments !
 to cute!

I'll be catching up on everything i wanted to blog about in the next view posts as well as 2 book reviews of my resent reads !

last night thought i wasn't completely my self i had gone to bed early thinking  about  how much simple words can hurt so much, how  words spoken can stay with you throw time, simple things said some in time of anger others  just said with out thinking throw can be carried with  you for a long time in a box of memories, and when you dwell in those you can recall every one of them, its not a good place to dwell  for any one,  maybe you need to face those words in order to get  them out of that box....

any one have a opinion on it ?

Pic for the day : 

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