Wednesday, April 11, 2012

who are you ?

Well heres another deep tough question !

Who are you ? but thats not the  biggest question  what you should ask yourself is - who do you want to be,
isn't that more important ? who do you want  to see yourself  ass.

throw out life every person  gets chips,  bruises and makes mistakes - but to fallow in the sorrow will not bright out out of the hole that you have fallen into, so what  is it you should really  do ?

Look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself as other people do -   do you like the images? if you don't then change it be better! be some one others will look up to and love , respect yourself  and love yourself before you can love any one else.

If you want other to love you isn't it important you are some one that can be loved ? by yourself ;)

Something to think about something i have been thinking about
Thanks for your time to any one who reads this xx
Remember - You may not always be perfect but your dam spacial anyways.

Book for the day:  

I will review When Sophie met Darcy Day  next !!!

Have a great day

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