Sunday, April 8, 2012

IN love with the idea of love

Hey every one,
its weekend and i cant help but think  about relationships and of cores the ironic fact that i am a hopeless romantic who has never really been.... in love ?
yes its odd i love - love well  more like i love the idea of love,
true love not secondhand love you can find  around any corner no - the type of love that crosses time- to find that love that make epic novels or  brings tears to your eyes,

Its something once in a life time to turn you inside out your world upside down, i love  the idea of love yet i have never been in love - is it because i am waiting for that one true love ? is there such a thing out side of the  imagination or  filmed ?  or does such a  thing exist?

Well i will wait and find out, as a bookaholic there is nothing  better then a good romance novel it if after all my favorite  kind and i have read  so many i lost track yet i remember every tale  of it ...

I want to write  a romance one  that will express that love , a tale to put readers in the  position of  falling for that  prince charming  .... 

 well thats my  tough on Love and Loving love.
don't settle for the second  hand romance, or a easy to  get love - Find you adventure true love....
thanks for reading 
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