Thursday, April 26, 2012

LIfe and the inbetween bits

so a quick post !
I was quiet upset today about a few things and  can see myself thinking to much and as always planing  ahead of myself, but when you look to others - if you give some one advice time after time and they simply  do thier own thing in any case  is it fine to just give up on them?

its heard  to give up on a person but i think i reached a point wherewith certain people i have reached a limit of  caring, a limit of worrying hurting and protracting  there is only so much  you can give  and do, so much you can say till it is in that persons hands, if the person does not what you to help or care of even be there  no more can be done can it? .

YOU can bring a horse to water you cannot make it drink- its one of those type cases...
well thats all  renting for now on to lighter subjects in next post !

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