Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GOod morning

HEy thank you for the  views , and the comment on the yumie eye candy ;)
nothing like some vampires to get your  blood pumping haha

Well today i woke up with a new vie won life and a lil  quot

Every day is a different day , every heart has a different believe and ever life has a new start !

So how will you make your start or have you made it already ? i am ready to make mine.
I have yet again started to write a book  i am not sure how it will go  but i do have a good feeling about this one !!

I Cannot wait to get the books i ordered in the mail  it might take a long time as i am  in lala land ( Africa)
But fingers crossed !

Well i am still learning how this blog thing is  working as not quiet sure how to add all the buttons and scribe yet but i will get there !! : )
 Any one have some tips to help me   with the add ons and so on please  helps welcome :)

SO book of the day is :  A breathtakingly sexy story with time travel and a handsome highlander !

Eye candy of the day is :
What you think ladies ? 

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