Wednesday, April 4, 2012

when you realize

Just when you think everything over, you life aorund you is crumbling down because what you always have tough is stable is not?  when some one leaves and you think it might just be the worst thing to happen to you yet ..... your still alive ? your world did not fall around your feel, your life is not quiet in ruins and  some unexpected  inspirations turns  up out of no where.

So despise all that i have gotten word that a Australian writer is interested in meeting me!
Tedd Waters  writer of  50 something books and  write Historical romances  based on Ireland, Scotland and England -  witch happens to be my favorite kind of books! so i am  more then a  little excited he happened to have heard about me and wants to come by and chat because i want to be come a  romance writer !!
I'll keep you posted on that !

I am trying to keep busy and not think to hard on sectarian things, its going quiet well on that front, holiday soon i will be away for 2 weeks but i am taking my-laptop with me and a camera to keep  myself connected :)

 right s till not use on a few things about bloging but i am learning little by little any one wanna offer tips all ears.

other then that i have  found some  cute  pictures i want to share :) enjoy

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