Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lifes to short to be bitter.

How much time doe some person spend thinking about what another has done wrong to you ?
more time then you need to i bet, more time then that person has to spend, time  something you cant get back why spend it being angry and resentful ?

If you have been wronged, you can only  move on- if you can forgive the one that wronged you if you cant then try to  move foreword with your life, but the bag that you carry will only become more heavier, every bitter thought will add to the wight on your shoulders.

Forgiveness is not only for the person that has wronged you but for yourself,
forgiving  some one  sets you free as well makes some of that weight fall of your shoulders doesn't it ?

is it easy ? no of cores not, but its a start...
I am thinking of this tonight and  i want to make the wight litter in that bag maybe even drop it and keep walking,  being free of the bitterness that  leaves a vial distaste in onces mouth, and look towards the sun, rather taste lemonade then a bitter lemon on its own.

Well thats my  tough for tonight, remember what ever your feeling some one  is thinking of you
god night

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