Monday, April 2, 2012

A book review ~ Sundays At Tiffany's ~ by James Patterson

The first book from James Patterson that i read,
he is more known for the crime stories  he normally writes so this is a rare find for me :)

I loved it
I am a romance buff so this  book spoke to my fantasy romantic heart, pulled me into this story and kept me hooked throw it all the story about a young girl and her Imaginary friend, so a little over weight  and  a mother that places to much  perfection  onto every one high expectations.

Who hanst wanted a  imaginary friend to hold your hand?

As the store goes on she is suppose to forget about  Micheal  but doesn't and a beautiful love story starts to form around  them, the imaginary friend turns real and love  trying to over come the bizarre circumstances of it all.

I give this book 10/10 
What if your imaginary friend - was your true love ....
 its a mast read !
thank you for reading this i hope you enjoy this book as well

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