Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When it comes down to it

Well  i have a kitten, i am 4 pages into my book called - The bet -
hopping it turns out good !  its one of those spur of the moment ideas that i am just gonna run with, if any one  wants to talk about it let me know.

So i named my kitten - mellow as in marshmallow because  he really does look like a marshmallow !

in other news i thought i would get off my chest a lil something about expectations and disappointments,
some times you think every thing is a cute thing,  that  you know what will happen weather its  a  friendship, career, relationship or  your future, but it changes  your life constantly changes by small choices some times leading to bigger onces, but  weather its you who makes them or some one close to you who makes them they change  your life.

But some times even when it feels like everything is topside there is some kind of upside to it, it takes some longer then other to realize it but where a door shut look for the open window!  don't stare at the disappointment of your expectation but rather look for the adventure and new  opportunities ...

now that i got that off my chest  i will review a book in my next post !
so many books so little time haha

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