Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book review: when Sophie met Darcy day.

Where do i begin, receiving the book was a gift from my mother who know how much i adore reading,  at let me start by saying it was not what i expected but it went far deeper then i could have imagined.

This book is truly touching  and will bring a tear to your eye! a touching story about animal and child,
It is a collation of true story's by Helen a woman   that owns a retied horse race charity, and works with disabled and troubled children, each with their own  tale to tell, along with a  spited kindred heart of a horse or a phony.

The stories are captivating and touched my heart not only  does it able to animal lovers but  to every one, its a uplifting hart warming story with  some funny bits in as well like the hen "flirty gurty" who has a  hole own personality !

I recommend it to anyone to read and enjoy this story, even support the charity!
5/5 stares to  beautiful story of  horses and children being rescued  when they thought no one cared.

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